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GISTEK.US Networks specializes in hospitality, commercial and custom home network technology services with experienced network technologists recognized by Cisco, Meraki, HP, Ruckus, Tyco-Exacq, Juniper and Microsoft with its CTO a former Microsoft Partner of the Year.

Our clients include many Holiday Inn and IHG properties nationally, boutique hotels, RV Parks, apartments, condominiums, restaurants, military, education, city government and custom home owners.

Our services typically involve network planning, multiple cable runs (we recently ran 22,000′ of Cat6 and installed and tuned 160 network components in 10 days.) We do network closet setup and cleanup, core drilling between floors and rechecking other people’s work with AirMagnet post install testing.

Having installed Wi-Fi and Video Surveillance at hundreds of hotels and businesses, we have honed our skills as geeks with power tools.

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Serving the West Coast & Beyond

Our primary coverage area is California, dispatching from Los Angeles, Orange County and Las Vegas. We also provide remote network services, managing many wireless and video networks and can assist remotely for planning and deployment of most hotel network functions.

With over 20 years enterprise network experience, we have planned, installed, upgraded and supported Wi-Fi, Video Surveillance and back-office networks for hotels, restaurants, schools, military bases and custom homes. While we initially started in Southern California, our onsite and remote services now extending to most western states including Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Nevada.

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Space Internet Ground Services SIGS

As Space X, Virgin Galactic and Apple launch space based, Internet services, GISTEK.US will provide ground based installation and support services to integrate these services. While the basic product is a DIY (do it yourself,) that does not cover permanent mounting, interior cable or integration into home and business networks.

Our 20+ years technology integration experience and deployment skills (installing several thousand wireless & network components for military and school districts, and partnering with Ovation Networks) we can service, deploy and support customers nationally.

Many hotels we service are not within a fiber optic Internet footprint. SIGS will allow us to complete much needed Internet services at these distant and rural hotels nationally.

Currently 30% of hotels nationally do not have fiber needed for optimum Internet services to meet their needs.

SIGS will allow us to complete much needed Internet services at distant and rural hotels nationally.

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Healthy, Safe and Working!

COVID-19 Safe Promise +

GISTEK.US Networks has continued to grow throughout the pandemic as an
essential technology provider with no instances of contracting Covid-19 or any close contacts.

While carefully managing our workforce using our Covid-19 Promise + Standards, we keep our workers and clients’, healthy, safe and working!

Our technicians and subcontractors follow our safe practices taking daily temperatures, wearing N95 or double masks while working and traveling, frequently washing hands and most importantly keeping our distance from other workers and making sure they were their masks too. We have several OSHA 10 holders on our staff who also qualify as a safety officer. We are not shy about asking others to mask up or leave!

Update June 2021 – Following California’s OSHA lead, we will continue to mask up in confined work areas or areas where others may not have been inoculated. We will provide our CDC cards in advance and on demand to allow for a no mask environment where it is appropriate.

Our policy was developed in advance of IHG’s Clean Promise in February 2020 after returning from Europe and seeing first-hand the beginnings of the pandemic. We masked up on March 1, 2020. Our construction partners thought we were nuts than they started having construction contractors catch Covid-19 and having to close their construction sites.

Gistek Logo - Red and Black

Avery Martinez, CEO

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