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GISTEK.US Networks, Inc. founded in 2000 is the sole remnant spinoff of What’s for Free Technologies. The company was initially started to leverage patent work started in Search Engine Optimization but changed directions after the dot com crash going back to wireless and network technologies where we found immediate success in deploying commercial wireless networks for military, education and hospitality. In the early years we installed and supported over 200 hotel properties nationally, mostly IHG, boutique properties, marinas and rural multi-tenant locations.

Video Surveillance and Telephony systems were added to the product mix as we grew in the hospitality marketplace.

As the wireless market matured, IHG set new standards and GISTEK.US Networks refocused on the West Coast and partnered with Ovation Networks, Iowa. While working with Ovation new opportunities to deploy low voltage cable plants to new properties emerged and we successfully integrated several new hotels for Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge and Candelwood. Our staff grew to handle multiple projects at the same time in different cities while growing our partner relationships adding Primus Contracting, Colorado with whom we had successfully built the Holiday Inn Express in Murrieta, California and eventually added video surveillance services to Primus Construction sites. We have several projects pending with Primus for 2021 and 2022 as well as many ongoing projects with Ovation Networks from San Diego to Washington State.

As a result of the many projects and contacts at several hotel sites and the result of Covid-19, we have also added T-60 Consulting Services. T-60 is the count down to opening. As many a hotel owner knows, the final 60 days are critical to a successful opening and we have been instrumental in helping several hotels open on time assisting with IHG, Oracle, Assa Abloy and carrier service integration allowing the hotels to open on time even when being challenged by a lack of onsite service providers and, being held up due to Covid and short staff at the hotels.

GISTEK is currently deploying rural networks in the Redlands and Temecula Valley and will soon be deploying Starlink LEO Internet services in rural areas for commercial and hospitality accounts with its new Space Internet Ground Services division ( While the product is designed to be DIY (do it yourself) we know from experience that many people are challenged in this area and wont be able to actually do it themselves, especially when deploying in a commercial building which requires that antenna be installed in a permanent fixed position, able to withstand 100MPH winds. Then there is the cabling from exterior to interior and connecting to the network. Our years of experience with indoor and outdoor wireless makes us the perfect integration partner.

In 2020, we added T-60 Consulting services to assist hotels in the last days prior to opening, saving several hotels thousands of dollars while allowing them start their revenue stream on time, keeping their opening day schedules while working with several opening day specialists from IHG.

In 2021, we added, Space Internet Ground Services to provide professional services for the latest in Internet technology being offered from “Space.”

We are on the constant lookout for new technology talent to meet our clients growing needs. We are hiring from San Diego to Washington and beyond.

Avery Martinez,
President & CEO

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Avery Martinez, CEO

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