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Low Voltage Cable & STI Fire Stop Systems

Cat6, RG6, RG11 Coax, & DAS cable systems are the essential components and backbone of all hotels and businesses. Combined with network racks, battery backups and the knowledge of deploying multiple networks in a hotel are key components to our success.

Using color coordinated cable, we deploy different color cables to designate cable usage.

White = WiFi
Blue = Opera
Green = Video
Yellow = Telco
Orange = Emergency Telco

Keeping our cables segregated makes for simple rack deployment and organization. Combined with clear cable labeling and Fluke Testing as specified by IHG and Marriot standards, our installations meet all hotel standards.

We use Carlon adjustable electrical boxes delivered locally from Home Depot in all of our deployments allowing for a savings in freight and local delivery. These are 1-hour fire rated and when a 2 hour rating is required, we use STI UL rated fire stop putty pads, which is a preferred product by IHG and Marriott (Specified in MI Standards.) All of our techs and supervisors are STI fire stop certified. The adjustable box also allows for 2 hour drywall and plywood backed walls, bringing out the face of the box to surface level.


Depending on local ordinances, we will also include engineering deviations with STI, to meet city requirements when mixing low voltage cables or utilize STI EZ-Path Fire Stop Systems which can be extended to several feet and achieve a 4 hour fire rating when self-closing fire doors are installed.


IHG Connect Wi-Fi

IHG Connect Wi-Fi is the basis for a majority of our IHG services, providing in room and common area Wi-Fi Connectivity at all of our IHG client sites. GISTEK & Ovation exceed IHG standards for site surveys and testing, resulting in the highest IHG LUV score ratings.

Our site surveys using Airmagnet exceed the minimum 25% IHG requirements and include at least 70% of all floors. In many of our projects we know that our competition does a quick and dirty survey, resulting in less than projected IHG requirements.

We have completed many high-profile properties and properties built on hillsides, old construction and with differing architecture which doesn’t allow for duplication of survey results to other floors.

Not all surveys are equal!

GISTEK has multiple AirMagnet Survey Pro collection devices and several staff trained, not only in testing, but actual deployment. When combining these skills, we offer the best IHG Connect Surveys in the US, Canada & UK. (We have surveyed properties in Ireland and the UK).

One of the keys to understanding and providing the best surveys, is the difference in building architecture. Old buildings and those built to protect against bad weather and earthquake safety simply block Wi-Fi signals. Concrete, heavy timbers, and multiple layers of 4x4 and back to back 2x6 construction, covered with plywood will simply block the Wi-Fi and DAS signals, thus a thorough test is required for the best results.

IHG Studio Smart TV

GISTEK has been installing Chrome Cast based IP TV systems since 2015. The key to a successful installation is a quality wireless or wired network system. Depending on the TV brand, LG or Samsung and the models deployed, there are variations in reliable service.

In our experience the best results are obtained where a hard-wired connection to the TV is made. We include a hard-wired Cat6 connection to all new TV locations at IHG properties as Studio becomes mandatory in 2021.


IHG IVR Reservations

IHG IVR Reservations dialing service is the dedicated reservation system which works as a primary forwarded connection from most late model (MV400 series) Mitel and NEC systems as both a direct dial or auto forwarded “Reservations,” option from the phone menu.

This is a standard GISTEK implementation for all new systems installed or upgraded.

IHG’s IVR guarantees a higher close rate for new reservations, while keeping the properties local reservation intact, while freeing up busy and limited front desk staff.

Emergency front desk dial back (pools, gyms & common areas)

As new hotels open or are upgraded, most property flags’ require an auto dial back to the front desk from gyms, pools and some common areas such as elevator waiting areas and exterior entry points. Depending on the phone system’s age and accessibility (with admin rights) we can forward the phones to auto dial the front desk. On older systems, we can install an approved auto dialer on an analog phone line, which dials the front desk when picked up.

On new installs, we run cat5e/6 to all entry, common areas, pools, gyms and elevator lobbies for emergency access.


Spectrum, Comcast, ATT & Cox Fiber Internet Services

Whether you order your fiber Internet service online at the IHG Marketplace or directly with the carrier, we can help you plan and install the fiber services into your networks. In cases where an “approved,” fiber is service is not available (due to extended build out costs or other reasons), GISTEK can assist in planning including providing temporary services until fiber Internet is available.

On new builds, it is not uncommon for a fiber build out by the carrier to take up to a year or sometimes longer as construction and permitting may be required.

Depending on your hotel’s IT capabilities and stamina (these things take time in many cases to get through to the right people,) we can help in long term planning, including working with IHG’s new hotel specialists, expanding options and sometimes putting pressure on Marketplace carriers. (We work regularly with IHG opening day specialists and can usually explain circumstances surrounding delays, usually with escalated results in delivery). Covid-19 has decreased IHG personnel and regular availability, we have been able to assist in many delay situations.

Other Carrier & Cost Recovery Services

When building a new property or doing PIP upgrades, it is a good idea to review your carrier services. On new properties, we have found that carriers typically over sell old service offerings i.e. fiber telephony (which is not cost effective for 100 room properties and telephone systems,) and ISDN services commonly offered by Century Link.

Older hotels typically have services they have not needed for years but have been paying for them still such as DSL, cable modems, ISDN services and excessive analog telephone and T-1 connections. We are usually able to read through your carrier bills to determine junk and excessive costs.

Most controllers and operation managers have lost touch with carrier, Internet and IT invoices and usually just keep paying, for fear of losing services.

We can help determine what is needed and what can be discontinued. This service will not cost you anything, we take our fees from a percentage of cost recovery.

Temporary Carrier Services

In several cases we have found that delivery for fiber services cannot be made for opening day. (Covid-19 delays and failing to order soon enough.) We have been able to find and install temporary services to get the hotel open providing guest Internet and back office services.

Recently a hotel (IHG Candelwood, Lodi, California) had an ATT fiber less than 1000’ from the property and completion of delivery was still 90 days out with a pending opening day within 15 days.

Using an Internet feed from a sister property, we were able to deliver a point-to-point wireless connection, extending a pair of cable modem connections (available on short notice), delivering 100mb X 40Mb’s and the hotel opened on time.

Mitel & NEC Telephone Systems

Mitel has long since been a staple in IHG and Marriot properties, many outlasting their serviceability. GISTEK has integrated several Mitel and NEC phone systems.

We like their reliability and flexibility to use both IP Phone and legacy analog technologies providing best of breed with cost effectiveness of old analog phones usually available for under $50 and in some cases where a hotel is doing a PIP upgrade, have the bulk of their phones intact as well as a usable telephone cable plant.

The Mitel MV400 Series and NEC Smart Hospitality systems, also provide IP sets at front desk and management with caller ID, forwarding and other advance features including implementation of IHG Reservation services.

GISTEK also provides remote access support systems for extended tech support to manage your phone systems, allowing us to troubleshoot and adjust extensions and IP Phones. (Include Mitel & NEC pix)


Comba Emergency Response Communication Systems ERCS DAS

Emergency Response Communication Systems aka DAS and ERCS is the most unbudgeted costs to opening a new hotel property. With costs ranging from $80,000 to $150,000, it’s a devastating blow to most budgets. And most people have no idea what this system does. The answer is simple, the DAS system extends Fire and Police radios inside the property. As hotels are built more rock solid for safety and sound proofing, construction also blocks the radio signals from fire and police radios, which are critical in an emergency situation for fire or responding to an emergency medical situation.

In order to get an occupancy permit in most western states you must have an approved DAS ERCS system. The system needs to go in when planning your low voltage system at the onset of construction. DAS ERCS Requirements - Typically, if your hotel is 3 stories or 50,000 sq feet, you will most likely be required to have this system installed and tested according to local fire and police ordinances in order to get an occupancy permit.

GISTEK has successfully integrated several Comba DAS ERCS systems, becoming the first in Riverside County to get approval on the first pass.


If you’re asking why its so expensive, the answer is complex. Depending on the city or county your hotel is in, you may be required to have one or more frequencies in order to communicate with both local and county fire and police agencies. Multiple frequencies drive the price up as each frequency must be pre- and post-install tested in 10’ X 10’ grids. This is a timely process which needs to be performed several times over the course of the installation and completion of the process to get city/county approval, leading to an occupancy permit. The coaxial cable is approximately 5/8” in diameter, heavily copper shielded and does not bend well and requires multiple personnel to install, terminate and test according to city/county guidelines. When plenum cable is required, costs further go up.

Dahua & Tyco | ExacqVision Video Surveillance & Camera Systems

Video surveillance in the wake of Covid-19 staffing limitations has become more important than ever. Whether you are the owner or GM keeping tabs on your staff or providing extra eyes for your front desk staff watching doors and priority common areas, GISTEK can provide a number of scalable video surveillance system options.

Owners have commonly watched their properties go up, charting progress or lack thereof. Last year, we had a “temporary parking lot camera,” watching the back side of the property. As construction was completing, it was taken down and we immediately got a call to put it back up permanently.

When architects do their initial plans, sometimes years before construction starts, it is not uncommon for the plans (all the low voltage & networks,) to be short minded or using ancient standards. For 100 and 200 room properties we have seen many with projected camera coverage of 12-24 cameras. In every case, this usually does not cover close to the desired number of cameras needed for safe coverage.

GISTEK Video Surveillance systems are scalable to start at 16 IP and CVI 2-5MPixal cameras. Our systems easily scale up as your needs and requirements are realized, jumping to 32 cameras in the same NVR system. As your needs grow beyond 32 cameras & 8 Terabytes, we will upgrade you from a 32 camera system to 64 cameras and beyond with 16 to 32 Terabytes of storage. We use both Dahua and Exacq video NVRs and Video Servers with easy remote access to your iPhone, Android or remote PC.


Remote access can mean watching gates and common areas from the behind the front desk, the GM’s office or a remote corporate office watching all of your properties on multiple monitors. And for quick look, you can watch individual cameras or groups on your iPhone, Android, PC or iPad or tablet. Whether your device is on a Wi-Fi connection or working off your carrier’s data connection, your camera views are a touch away with quick rewind access and drop off storage to save an event for internal use or police evidence.

We make it simple enough for police to be self-serving and with your permission, you can grant them remote access to specified cameras. Hotel management working with local police at our properties have been able to stop and curtail local crime, vandalism, and petty theft. (Include sample captures)

Play Networks, Sony & Epson Audio/Visual systems for common and meeting room areas T-60 IHG Technology Consulting Services – Oracle Opera, Assa Abloy, IHG opening day integration Point-To-Point Wireless.

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