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In 2016 IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group) parent for Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites, Candelwood Suites and Intercontinental Hotels made a national change in their technology standards and switched to Cisco Meraki (with direct shipments to the hotels) and twelve authorized integrating support dealers. GISTEK initially partnered with three of the authorized IHG dealers, eventually settling on the Iowa based Ovation Networks as their sole west coast partner. To date we have installed over 400 IHG properties’ networks on the west coast from San Diego to Washington, with properties in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Wyoming.

In 2018 we launched into full low voltage integration services for new and upgraded IHG properties, building from the ground up at framing. As an IHG integrator, we are able to deploy cable plants per IHG specifications. Typical low voltage cable companies are years behind the actual needs of an IHG cable plant for IHG Connect, IHG Studio, Oracle Opera, Telephony for hotels (Mitel & NEC,) Audio, Video Surveillance (Dahua Security, Tyco Exacq,) and DAS Public Safety Systems (Comba) for today’s hotels.

Ovation Networks
Ovation Networks is the number 1, IHG Connect Support company out of the (now 6) IHG Connect providers. We have partnered for 5 years now and provide local integration and support with many of our staff coming from the Inland Empire, Orange County and Las Vegas areas with new staff joining in Northern California in Q1, 2021.

Last year we completed the Holiday Inn Express Murietta, Holiday Inn Express Santa Rosa, Staybridge Suites Irvine and Temecula, and have done the IHG Connect integration for Lake Elsinore, Banning, Beaumont and many of the IHG properties in Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles areas along with many properties throughout the western states. We have the highest IHG LOVE scores and have corrected many properties’ legacy IHG Connect installs with several trained, experienced engineers in IHG Connect, IHG Studio and Airmagnet testing methodologies.

Ovation Networks is national with many other partners covering all major US market areas.

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