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Past Projects

Between 2018 and 2021 we have deployed several new properties including the Staybridge Suites Irvine (200 rooms), Holiday Inn Express Murietta (110 rooms), Holiday Inn Buena Park (120 camera system), Candelwood Ontario (105 rooms,) Holiday Inn Clarkston, Washington (150 rooms) and most recently a 100 room complete rebuild and rebrand of the Holiday Inn Express Santa Rosa and Anaheim, California where we provided IHG Connect, NEC and Mitel Phone Systems, Dahua Video Surveillance Systems, Play Networks AV in the common areas and outdoor areas and full Fiber services and DSR integration services.

We have also completed several phases of Wi-Fi and Video Surveillance upgrades at the Fisherman’s Resort in Redlands, California where we have deployed over 85 cameras on a Tyco-Exacq Video surveillance system covering 250 acres, deploying over several point to point Ubiquiti wireless bridges and a full Ubiquiti Wireless guest network system.

Due to the overall size of the property, we have viewing stations at multiple areas including a management site ¾ mile away over a 300MB Point to Point wireless bridge where all cameras and Internet services are provided over the Ubiquiti bridge.

There are 5 different networks at this site connected to Frontier Fiber including back office management, guest Wi-Fi, Video Surveillance and rural Internet services to 100 permanent residences.

The guest Wi-Fi and Rural Internet services are able to support Netflix, Amazon, most online video services and educational feeds for its children residents.


This is the 4th iteration of a multi-level, wireless and point to point network of this type, with similar predecessor networks built covering several hundred square miles at Twenty Nine Palms USMC base (400 square miles, provided energy management with Johnson Controls,) Ocean View School District where we provided Internet services to 12 schools and 12,000 students preceding the fiber buildout by Spectrum by 2 to 3 years and then easily transitioned to fiber on a Juniper based infrastructure (less than 30 minutes downtime) converting from point to point wireless (200MB to 1GB,) to Spectrum Fiber.

And our longest point to point integration was at a Vermont ski resort where we provided early Internet services to a ski resort 26 miles away.

These type of point to point services over the years also make us most qualified as we roll out Space Internet Ground Services for rural users, hotels in need of a backup (or primary) Internet Connection and for construction sites where Internet services have yet to be established.

In the past, we have had to bond multiple DSL or cable Internet services in remote areas in order to provide Internet to support video surveillance. With the arrival of Starlink (Space X,) we will be able to provide the professional ground services needed to deploy anywhere.

Construction Partnering & Security Services

While integrating the Holiday Inn Express Murietta, we also started partnership
relationships with Primus Contracting (Colorado) and other general contractors.

In addition to partnering on low voltage projects, we also provide construction camera and Internet systems for their construction sites. Working with GC’s early, we can provide camera monitoring and carrier services as fences and trailers go up on day one.

In several of our recent projects, we have detected, recorded and captured video in real time resulting in loss prevention, security company monitoring (we captured an MIA security guard while a midnight thief vandalized the property, eventually causing loss recovery by the security company), and other illegal activity resulting in arrests and insurance reporting.

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