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Integrate good cameras & cabling into new video solutions.

Legacy Integration Saves Money

We work with many hotels and businesses who have been through multiple DVR and cameras. We see the junk piled up as we deploy. But frequently we also find good usable cable, Coax, unused ethernet and cameras that still work. It is our policy to plug them in and use either the camera, cables or both. In several of the hotels we have deployed, we have found this to be true and in the process saved the client several thousand dollars.

When an old analog camera dies, we replace it with a CVI camera which is usually close to what an IP camera can deliver with 2-5MPixals at a reduced savings. This has been especially useful when deploying upgraded systems into our Tyco-Exacq and Dahua products. By keeping usable cable plant and cameras we can also save on license costs when deploying with Exacq. Both Dahua and Exacq support multiple camera vendors and video types including legacy analog, which can usually be replaced by quality CVI Camera in either a Tyco or Dahua solution.

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Exacq Tyco Enterprise Solutions

We have been using Exacq (now owned by Tyco and Johnson Controls) for several years. As businesses and hotels exceed the 40 camera threshold, NVRs, even strung together don’t always work and definitely not as quickly as you might like. The Exacq Tyco solution is a server based solution that uses distributed processes. When using 60+, we use multiple servers, but it comes up on your screen, Android or iPhone as one and is fast! This has been our solution of choice for years. We looked at the others and when it came down to it, Exacq has the best versatility in cameras, and great support services. We have also been able to deploy multiple cameras that are not physically connected to the network via point to point wireless with little latency 1-3ms.

  • 40 Cameras +
  • Multi-site
  • Large Facilities
  • Covers several hundred acres
Holiday Inn Buena Park- 80+ Cameras, 2 buildings

Featured Video Surveillance Projects

The Holiday Inn in Buena Park is a larger, older property with two buildings and almost 200 rooms and several large meeting and ballrooms. When we started, they had 32 older analog cameras and a solid coax cable plant. We were able to use most of those cameras, replacing a few bad ones with the latest in CVI 4MPixal Dahua cameras. This is where we used several Dahua 4 port encoders to support the legacy and analog, coaxial cable plant with 6 encoders stacked on the rack.

Another 40 cameras were added with a combination of 2-5Mpixal IP and CVI cameras with several 3-12MM variable-focus Dahua cameras placed strategically throughout the property with several views able to read license plates, name tags and make facial recognition. The server is an i7 Windows 10 Pro with 64GB RAM, and 30 Terabytes of storage able to hold over 30 days on each camera with both continuous run and motion detection at various places with some cameras using both motion and continuous run

  • Fisherman’s Retreat – 357 acres + Point to Point (PTP).

Point to Point Video - Extended Range Coverage (No Ethernet connections)

  • Fishermans Retreat features Multiple point to point wireless connections.

Dahua NVR & Cameras

  • 5 Year Warranty on Dahua
  • CVI Encoders for Tyco-Exacq
  • Point to Point – Extended Range Coverage (No Ethernet connection)
  • Infrared – Night Solutions
  • Body Heat Sensing Cameras & Facial Recognition
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Covid-19 Invisible Scanning Detection

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